Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MIA much?

Sorry guys, I've once again been MIA. To be completely honest, I use Tumblr a lot more now. But I missed you blogger.

Quick Update:
- I'm currently in Japan right now, Fukuoka to be exact. I am on a 3 week vacation from HI. And I am loving it. Although I do miss HI. I'll post some pictures later. 
- I left Hollister Co. and moved on to Armani Exchange! I haven't started yet since I got hired right before my trip, but I'm quite excited. Stepping up my game in the retail business, hehe.
- It's the summer! Meaning I successfully graduatedI'll definitely post some pictures later, lol. 
- I am now a MacBook Pro usergot one for my graduation gift

Well, I'm going to look through my pictures and post again, soon