Saturday, May 16, 2009


I haven't written in like...a week. Oh well. I am LICENSED finally. xD Yaaaaaaaaay :3 And I got a car >:] Cheehee. But my parents won't let me drive anyone so I have to drive alone. Boo. ): So I can't cruise with anyone in my car. ): Oh well, at least I'm licensed >:] I'll post the pictures tomorrow if I have time! :D

So today, I drove down to Waikele with my mommy, friend, and her mommy. (: Coach had this BIG sale, so I bought a bag and keychain for around $200 :3 Pretty cheap in my opinion. :D And then we went down to Ala's and had a drink, and my friend and I walked around Ala's. I finally got a new bikini, but I could only get the top in my size so I have to drive down to Pearlridge tomorrow to buy the bottom. Boo for having to drive far ): 

Ahh, I have to start my Senior Project soon.... :<

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's been a week.

So I haven't been updating lately. I just feel so lethargic when it comes to writing blogs. I guess I'm tired out by the time I'm able to write a blog. Sorry. So it's been a while, actually only a week. But that's long, hahaha. 

So I successfully FINISHED my thirty hours of driver's ed class. (: No more waking up early on Sunday Mornings and spending pretty much the whole day in a classroom. :D Yupp! Road test next week. >:D I'll finally be free. But I still need to get my car. >w<>:[ Stupid boys, don't know how to get their hair cut. -____-" Which reminds me that I have to go get a haircut as well. x]]]] My hair is getting longgggggg and so are my bangs. 

Mmm...nothing really happened. LOL, only little things. So I'll be blogging later, when something worth writing happens. x]]]]]