Thursday, April 30, 2009

I never thought I'd be in love like this,
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip.
I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did,
Every morning I look at you and smile.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom Prom Prom.

So I had my junior prom last, it was surprisingly enjoyable, despite the fact that I had a mean headache and a crap table. My hair and makeup was done really nice, I liked it :3 My dress was really cute, which I borrowed from my friend (thanks!) And my date got me pink flowers even though my dress was blue! >w<>

Buuuuuuuuut my table. -___-" I really wish I wasn't on that table. I mean, yeah you're only sitting on your table for dinner and when the dancing begins it doesn't really matter. But the dinner time seems really fucking long when you're just there not really talking because obviously you don't fit in. My table consisted of my friends, but they're not like the friends I usually hang out with or anything except for one, but she sat across the table from me. I wish I said no when my friend asked me if I was okay being on that table, fuck. 

But overall, I gotta be honest, it was somewhat fun; my date was a great date and the dancing was fun. (: Hahaha, come to think I took zero pictures on my camera. xD And after prom? I wasn't invited to any after parties so I just went home with a mean ass headache. -___-"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boy I hear you in my dreams,

I feel your whisper across the sea, 
I keep you with me in my heart, 
You make it easier when life gets hard.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why 24 hours in a day?

Every week it gets more and more stressful and I really wish there was more than 24 hours in a day so I can do the things I need and want to do and get some more sleep. Today I had a Jostens meeting in leadership class where we talked about class rings and graduation announcement designs. That made me realize that after prom, we'll start planning for senior year. In a couple of months, I'm gong to be a senior. Last year of high school. I've always said I wanted it to be senior year and a part of me still feels that way. But most of me wants high school to last a little bit longer, because time flies by and I don't think I'll be able to enjoy every bit of it with 3 AP classes, College Apps and SAT, Leadership, Senior Project, perhaps a job, and keeping up with my social life. Later on at lunch, I had a Senior Project meeting. I got a thick packet of paper about the Senior Project, which included all the forms and instruction and of course, due dates/timeline. -___-" Now I have another thing I need to spend time on to be able to satisfy myself because I want to graduate as honor student and what not. :P I guess it's my fault? For putting up too high of a standard? Blehh oh well. 

Today in NJ it was a storm (: Hahaha, boyfriend stayed home and while I was webcamming him I saw two or three flashes of lightning through his small window. o___o It was terrifying but hilarious seeing him jump because of the big noise from the thunder. LOL (: And I heard it rained in HK side? I never saw a single rain drop today. x]]]]]

Cheehee, prom on Friday :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A 'Not-So-Productive' Weekend.

So, it's Sunday evening. (: My weekend was not so productive one, haha. How was your weekend? (:

On Saturday, I woke up early in the morning to get ready to get my TB shot cause I needed to get one to take my summer class at HCC. And it turns out that I have a TB chest clearence that's valid till I go to college. o___o I wasted my time going to the doctor's office just to get a piece of paper. -___-" How lame. But me and dad got breakfast from Zippy's so that's alright. (: In the afternoon, I went to my boyfriend's mom's best friend's place to get my nails done for prom! (: It took like two hours but I love it. :3 It doesn't look that blue in the picture but it is. (: It's just like the color of my prom dress so I'm happy. :D After I got them done, she took me home and I had to cook for my dad and myself. :P There's tons of things in our freezer, so I cooked some frozen ravioli so that the freezer wouldn't so crowded. x___x But it was really good, haha. (: 

Again, this morning I woke up early to go to driver's ed class for six hours. x___x I only have two more Sunday's to go through till I finish! :D At this point, I'd be lucky to get a refund from my previous driver's ed teacher. It pisses me off and creeps me out that he only answers my phone calls and gives me another driver's ed teacher's number. -___-" He keeps telling me I'll get my refund next week. When the fuck is next week you asshole. -___-" Ughhhh. But anyways, I still have homework and studying to do. x]]]] Crap, I don't want to go to school. >w<

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another weekend.

It's finally the weekend. I've been waiting for it for five long, busy days. After Monday, I seem to have a bunch of things to do and I've been lacking the amount of sleep because of it. Like last night, I did things for leadership and did my homework and studied for my exam. I went to sleep past 12 A.M. and ended up getting a D for the exam I studied for. FML, right? I need to dedicate my time more for studying, or my grades will go down. ): 

This weekend I have to: do leadership things, study for ACT, do my homework, make flashcards for Spanish, start making a big word document for all my human physiology class, go to driver's ed class, get my nail done, get my TB shot, and do chores. What a busy weekend. -___-" Oh! And I should catch up on sleep. Actually, I need to. Or I'll get headaches everyday. D: 

Well I'm going to start on my to do list for this week, so I shall be back soon. (:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eyes, Acai Bowl, Award.

I just came back from a long day. I'm tired but today was quite fun I guess or at least a part of it was fun. (: Today is Wednesday! So I ended school early. (: I bus'd it down to Costco to check up my eye sight and my eyes got worse. x___x Not too bad, -4.25. Yes, I'm quite blind without my lovely contacts. Haha. And then after, I went back to school to wait for my dearly friend (a.k.a whika whika WHITE) so that I could hang out with her before we had to go to the NHS Induction Ceremony. 

So after my friend finished her band rehearsal, we hope in her car for some ACAI BOWL :3 I wish I took a picture of it, it was so delicious. :D After getting an acai bowl, we went to her house to enjoy the acai bowl while watching some funny youtube videos. x] It was 4:45 so we decide to get ready for the ceremony and then our friend (a.k.a ShitShine, it's an inside joke/nickname haha) calls saying he needs a ride to the ceremony. So we quickly get ready, rush to our friend's house to find that we have to give our other friend (a.k.a Stud Muffin) a ride home.

ShitShine didn't have the proper attire so Stud Muffin had to grab clothes for him and ShitShine changed in the car while WHITE drove back to school. When we got there, the ceremony already started. -___-" Full of embarassment! xD Hahaha. But it turns out that it was alright, or at least our advisor said so. Lol. x] So then after that ceremony, we had another one for Leadership. -___-" So then I spent another hour sitting down, wanting to be home. x] But I ended up winning an award for "Most Industrious" (: 

So after I came home, I started blogging haha (: And now I'm just thinking about summer. I really, really want to go to the mainland to visit colleges! :<

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Look up to the sky.

"If you miss me, look up to the sky. Remember that I'm under the same sky as you." 

Lately, I keep forgetting that I'm still in school. My brain is obviously still in break mode. -___-" It's disappointing every time I realize that I have school tomorrow. It's probably because I never get homework, which makes me forget I even go to class and what not, and because my boyfriend is in spring break. :< Ahh, save me. 

Comment replies:
William - Aww, I have to take like about 4 more tests for college. D:
Rina - No I didn't take that picture. Randomly found it on Photobucket. (:
JT - Thanks! It's actually from a song. (: The song's title is my blog entry title, haha. The picture with my blog name is one of the pictures I took with my camera. Haha.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let The Light Shine In.

"You are my guide, You are my life, You take me to the place where I can shine."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I feel so lethargic.

Lethargic as in not wanting to do anything, stay home and watch TV and totally forget about your chemistry homework because it's a three day weekend. xD I haven't been writing for three days. xD But I basically didn't really do much. All I did was do some planning for Senior Year for Leadership, take a compass test for running start, and buy books to study with. Yupp, I now have five Kaplan books to study with. Whoohoo. >w< 

Planning for senior year is quite fun actually. You get to call places to ask for certain things for Senior Luau or Prom. (: But there's always people in class that are clueless or don't do anything besides talk or read a book, which is quite frustrating because there's other things going on. JUNIOR PROM(: is in two weeks and we need to put together rosters, chaperone reminders, centerpieces and favors, and make flyers. xD It's busy but I like that class, lol. (: 

I took my compass test on Thursday with my three friends. :3 And when I got my results were confusing. x___x In my SAT score and my ACT diagnostic test, my writing was higher than reading, but for my compass test, my reading was higher than writing. x___x So I don't know what to study more of, which is confusing me right now. But I do know that I fail at English, hahaha. (: Wheeeeeee (: But I get to take Psychology 100 in the summer so that's still good (: And now that I have 5 Kaplan books to study with, I get to improve writing and reading. -___-"

How are you spending your three day weekend? (:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At April 6th, 2009 11P.M., I clicked the refresh button of my SAT view my score page and I see my score for the first time. O__O And I see crappy scores. -___-" It was shocking but expected at the same time, considering I only did about 3 weeks of studying or less than 21 hours of studying. And as of today, my list of things I need to do to prepare for College grew. D: How sad. ): Some of my friends did better than me, which proves to them that I'm not a genius at all. xD And really, I'm not. And I'm not being modest either. 

So I was taking driver's ed for like 5 weeks with a private instructor that most of my friends went to. He's a really easy guy to get your certificates from so I figured, why not take it with him. BIG BIG BIG mistake. I'm so stupid. -___-" Anyways, HE DECIDES TO QUIT TEACHING after being "under investigation" for three months. Apparently he got complained by a psyco dad of one of his students and went through "investigation" for three months and counting. Which to me, sounds like bullshit now that I think about it. I guess he can't wait any longer so he quits on all of his students including me and three of my friends and other people. 

Last Sunday I started a proper driver's ed course, which began with a six hour classroom course in the morning. -____-" Whoooot. It makes me mad because I can't get my license till May. And I know that's in a month but if my first teacher didn't quit and finished "investigation", then I would've had my license by next week. >:O And could've driven to prom with my date (one of the three that took driver's ed from the same teacher) or my date drive me to prom. >:[ The quitting teacher totally ruined my life. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

First day back to school

First day back to school, First blog entry<3

Oh yes, so today was the first day back to school and it was already boring. How lame. Second semester classes are quite monotonous besides Human Phys which can be interesting at times. But I'm quite excited right now though. Not because I just started school but because...
Yupp, they come out in about four hours. I'm hoping I did quite well because I pretty much only have maybe a couple left to take before SAT Scores are due to my list of colleges. I'm hoping I can break a 1600 because I'm aiming for at least 2000 for my highest. (: Though I'm scared that I did much worse than I expect because the lack of studying I did. D: I need to study this big butt book. Yeah, this book cost me $36 and I've only used it for about three weeks. Starting from this week I shall study this book. 

So this week is HSA testing for the Sophomore, which mean we get out at school early. (: Even though classes are boring and I don't get much work, I'm still quite busy for some reason.... 1) Running Start Applications 2) SAT planning and studying 3) Driver's Ed Classes and BTW Lessons 4) Regular chores 5) Time for my friends. Hopefully I get my Running Start things done before deadline (April 13) and start SAT studying asap with someone or just by myself because next SATs are a month away! 

Everything would be so much more easier if I had my license already....Which starts a whole other story.